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LC GSD 101 - Professor Schumacher: Let's Practice!

Library resources for Professor Schumacher's LC GSD 101 class

Evaluate these Sources

Please work with your group to evaluate the resources below, using the standards provided, and be prepared to share your findings with the class.  Plan to take about fifteen minutes to do this, but we may be able to go longer if you need extra time.

Think about what kind of resource you're looking at - article, book, newspaper column, website, blog, etc. and what that may tell you about the source's quality.

Group 3

Hint: Look closely at this article in light of the evaluation standards.  There might be a "poison pill" involved!

Group 4

Hint: this is a newspaper column

Group 5

Hint: Concentrate on the Summary at the end and pay particular attention to the authors' mention of transitioning.