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LC GSD 101 - Professor Schumacher: Welcome!

Library resources for Professor Schumacher's LC GSD 101 class


Welcome to Professor Schumacher's LC GSD 101 library instruction session.  We'll be concentrating on the evaluation of information resources.

I'm your librarian and you are welcome to contact me at any time with questions.  Also, your groups will be making appointments with me using the online system to the right on this page (Schedule Appointment) or by email at

Evaluating and Critical Thinking

One of EKU’s goals is to graduate critical thinkers. The ability to evaluate information effectively is a foundation of critical thinking. What standards do you consider when evaluating any information resources, particularly websites?

Evaluation Exercise #1

Please take about five minutes to do the following:

  • Work in your groups
  • Discuss and arrive at the top three standards you think about and use when evaluating an information resource (it may be helpful to think of evaluating websites for starters)
  • Be prepared to volunteer one of these standards to the class

Reference & Instruction Librarian

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Karen Gilbert
Main Library 204N
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