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Library Tutorials: GET MORE button in Library Databases

Using the GET MORE Button in Library Databases to Request Articles

When there is no full-text, look for the GET MORE button.  


Below are some examples from some of our most popular library databases.​


When you are searching in EBSCOHost databases, look for the GET MORE button to look something like this:



ProQuest is another company that provides many of our databases for newspaper articles, dissertations, and scholarly articles in nursing and other allied medical fields.  


The GET MORE button in ProQuest will look something like this:



It will look the same in most library databases.  You'll even see GET MORE in Google Scholar.  Look for the GET MORE AT EKU LIBRARIES link.  It may be hidden behind the MORE button as shown below:


When you see an article that you want that does not have a PDF, just click on the GET MORE button.  


When you click on the GET MORE button, we will either have the article in full text OR you will need to request the article.  


Below is an example of an article with full text:



Now let's look at an example for an article that does NOT have full text when you click on the GET MORE button:



There's a lot happening on this screen so, below, let's take a closer look at each of the confusing areas.


The top of the screen will reconfirm your article and let you know that it is not available in full text as show below:



But you want the article, right? So just click on the REQUEST ITEM THROUGH LIBRARY EXPRESS button shown below:



After clicking the Request Item button, you'll be taken to an ARTICLE REQUEST form connected to your Library Express account:




Remember it can take up to 1 - 2 weeks for articles to arrive! 



When they arrive, your articles will be located under the ELECTRONICALLY RECEIVED ARTICLES link.  The PDF for each article will be available for 30 days.  Be sure to save your articles to your own device or computer!


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