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Library Tutorials: Find a Specific Article/Follow Article Citations with the Library Search

Find a Specific Article using the Library Search

Sometimes your instructors will give you a list of articles that want you to track down and read.  Or maybe you looked at the reference list in a book or article you are using and want to track down some of the articles cited.  

In either case, another way to find those articles is through the Library Search. (You can also track them down using Google Scholar or using the Journals link on the library homepage.) 

Let's try to find the below article citation from the book we're reading!  


Loic Wacquant, "America's New 'Peculiar Institution': On the Prison as Surrogate Ghetto," Theoretical Criminology 4, no. 3 (2000): 380. 






Type in at least some of the article title.  Including the author last name can be helpful as well:



Here's the article we were looking for!  Notice we actually have three different ways to access it: 



Look for a version that is HELD BY EKU LIBRARIES and has the VIEW ONLINE button: 



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