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GSD Assignment

You are being asked to research college survival tips for freshman.  Suppose your thesis/research question is: What kind of advice would I give incoming students transitioning from high school and adjusting to college life?

Evaluate the information sources below using the Intellectual Standards.

**Need a refresher?  Review the accuracyfairness, and relevancy videos.**

 A. Carefully examine each of the four information sources below.

  1. Top 10 Important Tips for College Freshman
  2. Welcome to Your World
  3. Freshman Starter Kit
  4. Make the Leap to College and Land Well

B. Evaluate each of the four information sources for accuracy, fairness, and relevance, and rate each using the scale and table below.

 Rate each source using the intellectual standards below.

1= Very

2= Somewhat

3= Neutral

4= Not very

5= Not at all


How accurate is the information?

How fair is the information presented?

How relevant is the information to my topic?

















C. Provide a justification for these ratings in the Reflective Assignment that you staple to this worksheet.

The Reflective Assignment: Type a 1-2 page reflective essay

1. Identify and explain the strengths and weaknesses of each information source.

2. Summarize your argument for which information source is best for the topic.

3. SEE-I (state, elaborate, exemplify, and illustrate) this question: why is thinking critically about information important in my everyday life?