What Archivists Do

Assess and Obtain Collections 
Appraisal and Acquisition | Archivists appraise collections not to determine monetary value, but to determine the enduring value of the collection's content for research purposes. In order to provide the most appropriate range of content, archivists acquire resources that meet specific collecting criteria. 
Organize and Store Collections 
Arrangement | Collections seldom arrive in a condition that is easy to use or interpret. 

  • Retain important connections. 
  • Clarify context. 
  • Improve navigation. 

Description | Tells you whether a collection is appropriate for your research interests. 

  • Provide background of collections.
  • Summarize collection content.
  • Identify potential research themes.

Preservation | Mitigates damage and deterioration to collections.

  • Stabilize environmental conditions.
  • Re-format obsolete media and file types.
  • Ensure long-term access to collections.

Connect People and Resources
Reference | Helps patrons find and access relevant archival resources.
Instruction | Ensures patrons use the archives to the fullest potential by providing detailed, focused guidance.
Outreach | Promotes archives and archival resources through community engagement and collaboration.

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