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Tips for Finding Your Theorist's Works

When searching for your Theorists' original statement of their theory, try this:

  • Most theorists will have a biography or at least a list of publications on the web.  Once you find this, you can often tell from the title which was their original statement. 
  • Note from the citation if it appears to be a journal article or a print book (or book chapter).
  • If it's an article, check the Journals link on the library home page (http://library.eku.edu/) to see if the journal is hosted in one or more of our EKU Libraries' databases, and the dates of coverage.
  • Search for the article by title and author in the appropriate database.
  • If it's a book, search in the maroon library search box in the center of the web page above.  If you select Advanced Search, it will make it easy to search by title and author.
  • If you are not in Madison County, you can request that a book be mailed to you at no charge - but be sure to allow plenty of time for mailing.
  • Of course, if you have any questions about this process email me, your Library Liaison at Karen.Gilbert@eku.edu

Information Regarding Required Sources

Per Dr. Slusher:

“Only primary references may be used in this and all graduate level nursing courses. Magazines, such as Nursing (year), Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, and RN and websites that are not subjected to scientific rigor, such as Wikipedia, are not considered professional literature and may not be used as professional references.”