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ColonelSmart - Avoiding Plagiarism: Policy Violations

Resources from EKU Libraries to assist students in avoiding academic dishonesty/plagiarism

Sanctions for Policy Violations

Minimum Sanction: The standard minimum sanction for an AI Policy violation shall be the assignment of an "F" for the test, assignment or activity in which an incident of academic dishonesty occurred; the student will not be allowed to retake or rewrite the test, assignment or activity.  A student assigned an "F" for the course will not be permitted to drop or withdraw from the course.  Successful completion of the Academic Integrity Education Program 1 on Blackboard.  

Other Sanctions: In addition to the minimum sanctions for an AI Policy violation, other appropriate educational sanctions may be assigned; these sanctions may be given even if this is the first violation of the AI Policy.  Such sanctions could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Removal from the course
  • Educational sanctions
  • Community service
  • Precluded from graduating with Honors
  • An assigned "F" for the course
  • "FX" notation on transcript*
  • Suspension**
  • Expulsion**