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HBR Ascend - Feb 14 - April 1

HBR Ascend from Harvard Business Review is a skill-building tool to help graduates succeed in their careers. Videos, podcasts, articles and infographics featuring advice and real-world experience from industry leaders help graduates learn to work smarter and find happiness at work.

This trial runs through April 1st. Be sure to let us know what you think!

About the database

Content Includes

  • Videos from industry leaders
  • Podcasts with real-world applications
  • Full-text articles from leading journals
  • Infographics to engage and inform
  • Bite-sized modules for sequential learning

Subjects Include

  • Jobs and careers
  • Personal growth
  • Working smarter
  • Managing and leading
  • Being happy at work


HBR Ascend is ideal for students and recent graduates who are entering the workforce or are interested in advancing their careers. Compelling real-world scenarios and input from industry leaders help define the necessary soft-skills to succeed in the business world.

A mobile-first platform, engaging graphics and easy accessibility help make HBR Ascend a valuable learning tool for young professionals. An outcome-oriented approach emphasizes objective setting and customized learning. Personalized dashboards help users track their progress, while administrative accounts help you monitor usage and access analytics.

We need your feedback!

Please submit any feedback you have about this resource to help us decide whether to subscribe to it. We are interested in hearing from students and faculty in all subject areas to ascertain the extent of the interdisciplinary appeal it might have.

Please submit feedback



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