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Explore BioDigital Human | March 15 -- May 1, 2024

BioDigital Human is a cloud-based platform that offers an interactive and immersive way to learn about human anatomy. It provides users with:

  • Interactive 3D models: Explore the human body in detail, from individual organs and systems to the entire body.
  • Disease simulations: Visualize the effects of various diseases on the human body, gaining a deeper understanding of their impact.
  • Customization options: Create custom models and dissections to tailor learning to specific needs.

BioDigital Human empowers educators to create engaging learning experiences, while students can explore the intricacies of human anatomy at their own pace. This versatile platform fosters a deeper understanding of the human body for students and educators alike.


Registration required for full access, see How to Register for BioDigital Human for more information.

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