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CMS 100 Kolloff Research Guide

Library Resources for Dr. Kolloff's CMS 100 class

Haven't Decided on Your Topic Yet?

Here are some strategies you might use to find a topic that interests you and where there are resources available:

  • Browse the categories in several databases that specialize in controversial topics:
  • Check out current newspaper coverage online to gather ideas for what's trending now (definitely use this for inspiration, but check with your professor to see if you can use newspapers as sources - they can be useful especially if you have a local topic, or one which is very new and there's not been much published on it as yet):


Work in Groups

Work with your classmates in small groups and do the following:

  • Write down three ideas that might work into suitable topics - consider phrasing them as research questions
  • Share them with your group
  • Ask group members for feedback - is this topic interesting, current, and suitable for your assignment?
  • Take a quick look at a database and make sure there is coverage
  • Provide feedback to your other group members on their proposed topics