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Comparative Policing: Strategies

Search strategies, places to search and potential sources for Dr. Garrison's Comparative Policing Spring 2016

Search Strategies and Tips

  • Organization

    • Start early.
    • You will be finding a lot of sources.  Consider tracking and organizing them at the start with a bibliographic management system like Zotero.
    • Or, at the very list, keep an alphabetical list in an easy to access location, such as your EKU Drive or in Google Drive.
  • Chase Citations

    • Good sources will lead you to other good sources!
      • Look at the reference lists of sources you find.  Maybe you want to track down and use some of those sources too?*
      • But also track down who has cited the source you found.  You can find good sources that way, too.* 
    • Pay attention to the authors of your sources
      • If you notice the same author has written a couple of your sources, it may be worth your time to track down the author's other works.  Scholars tends to research and write on related topics.*
  • Evaluate your Sources

    • With the type of research you are doing, you will absolutely be searching the open web (Google, Yahoo, etc.) In fact, many of your sources may come from sources you find in open web searching.  Just remember to take your time to evaluate those sites and sources.
  • There is NOT a Perfect Source!!!!!!

    • There will not be a perfect source that discusses all the elements you can include.  Individual sources may only discuss one part of the many things you can discuss.   


* This is pretty easy to do using Google Scholar.  Learn how on the Need to Know tab of this guide!

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