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Open Education Practices

Learn how Open Educational Resources (OERs), Open Scholarship, and Open Pedagogy benefit faculty, students, and the wider community.


As a faculty member, you have many options for engaging with OER and OER-enabled pedagogy. These can include adopting or adapting existing Open Textbooks, utilizing subscribed EKU Libraries resources, using public domain materials, or authoring your own content customized for your course. This guide walks you through options and considerations when developing a course. Use the navigation tabs on this page to explore your options.

You are not on your own. Librarians are here to support you.

  1. Reach out to your liaison with questions ... or... 
  2. Contact Kelly Smith, Director of Collections & Discovery  

Further Reading

For a great, comprehensive introduction to OERs, please watch David Wiley's TEDxNYED Talk as well as the Introduction from the OER Starter Kit.

Additional resources listed below...