ANT 395: History and Theory of Anthropology

A general research guide for ANT 395.

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eBooks Available at EKU

Browse Publisher Websites

One of the easiest places you can go to find books relevant to the field of anthropology is a publisher's website, particularly a publishing house tied to a university.

Search by Subject

Finding relevant books on a particular anthropology topic can be challenging. Searching by subject terms (subject headings) When you choose to search by subject in the catalog you will be looking for books that have a specific subject or topic assigned to them. These assigned subjects use a controlled vocabulary to ensure like materials are pulled back together. The trick then becomes figuring out what subject terms exist and which will pull back the results you are interested in the most.

Look at the subjects listed under the title to see how topics are being identified. Using those subject headings to search will return a list of results where the topic or subject of the work is the same. NOTE: Be sure to indicate you want the search to pull back your search as a subject. Most searches default to keyword searching to begin with.

Some possible subject searches to try:

  • anthropology
  • manners and customs
  • kinship
  • human evolution
  • folklore
  • Indians of North America -- social life and customs

Search by Known Author and/or Title

When you know the name of the person or the title of the work, use the library's catalog to search for one or both. 

Still can't find what you're looking for? Use to expand your search out.

Browse by Call Number

You can choose to browse the stacks for books. The books on the fourth floor are organized by a classification system known as the Library of Congress Classification Scheme. Using this type of a system allows for like items to be grouped together, this means that you can find books on similar topics sitting next to one another on the shelves.

Some potential areas of interest can be find housed in the stacks under the following ranges:

  • CC Archaeology
  • GF Human Ecology. Anthropogeography
  • GN 1-890 Anthropology
    • GN 49-298 Physical anthropology. Somatology
      • GN 281 Human Evolution
    • GN 301-674 Social and cultural anthropology. Ethnology
    • GN 700-890 Prehistoric archaeology
  • GR 1-950 Folklore
  • GT Manners and customs
  • P Philology. Linguistics
  • Science
    • QL Zoology
    • QP Physiology

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