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Library Express Student Employee Training and Resource Guide

This guide contains training information for student employees of Library Express.


This guide describes our Library Express procedures. Those procedures are broken down into three main categories:

  • Borrowing is when EKU users ask to borrow something from other libraries.
  • Document Delivery (Doc Del) is when EKU users ask to borrow something in our collection at EKU Libraries.
  • Lending is when another library's users ask to borrow something from the EKU Libraries.

As a student employee, you are responsible for pulling items, scanning, and shipping:

  • Pulling involves Lending and Document Delivery requests
  • Scanning involves Lending and Document Delivery requests
  • Shipping involves Lending and Borrowing requests

Student employees are the backbone of Library Express and you provide an invaluable service to our patrons and libraries everywhere. Duties LX students will find themselves performing include:


  • Pull materials from the stacks
  • Copy, scan, and process requests
  • Process mail (sending out and returning)
  • Check and clear Library Express returns shelf
  • Clean and organize workspace 


  • Cut paper strips and restock piles with recycled paper
  • Cut pink Pull By slips and Notice slips and restock piles
  • Check cabinets and shelves for anything that needs to be restocked (there should be at least two of everything: one being used and one stored for backup) 


  • Dust and vacuum work space (this includes electronics, underneath objects on desks, underneath objects on floor; cleaning products and vacuum can and will be provided)
  • Restock bubble mailers
  • Sort through boxes and discard unwanted ones

As Necessary:

  • Leave notes at the end of your shift for the next person coming on if requests and/or tasks are not finished
  • Cut and restock In-Library Use Only and Business slips
  • Wear your library t-shirt to every shift 
  • Complete all work tasks before working on homework, reading, etc.  
  • Be open to learning new things about your job and the library
  • Be on time to every shift 
  • Read and respond to all communications (email, text, etc.)
  • If you want to work on a project or have a great idea for Library Express, let us know!
  • Communicate any issues or problems - never be afraid to ask for help 

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