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Geek Immersion Labs

The EKU IT Geek Immersive Space: an area where students can experience virtual and augmented reality headsets to help them develop projects for VR.

About 360° Videos

360° videos are videos where the user can turn their head (or viewing window) to see the environment in all directions.

This is usually created by 'stitching' together footage shot from multiple cameras pointing out from a single point, like the 360° camera rig at right. 360° video may also be animated.

Generally, 360° video is immersive but not interactive; the user cannot move around the environment, only look around from a fixed point.

360° video can be viewed with any headset for an immersive experience, or on any device screen using click-and-drag to look around.


360° Camera for Checkout in Crabbe 103A