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Guide to a free, easy-to-use tool that helps you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources

Step by Step Instructions

1. Create an account at Toronto’s text2bib utility

2. Save your reference list as a .txt (plain text) file

3. Upload the file in text2bib

Image of text2bib utility screen where you click on "Browse" button to upload a text file.


4.  Accept or fix conversion errors

Screenshot from bib2text page with arrow pointing to "Add item to BibTeX file and continue" button


5.  When you get to last item in list, you will get an option to download the BibTeX file

Screenshot from bib2tex showing button that says "Download BibTeX file"



6. In Mendeley desktop, click File dropdown and “add file”

Screenshot from Mendeley Desktop client showing file dropdown menu to Add Files


7. Choose the BibTeX file that you created. Each reference should then appear in the All Documents list in Mendeley.