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Peer Review of Teaching (PROT): History - EKU

This guide contains resources for the Peer Review of Teaching process



 A.  Coordinator of Instruction/Public Services wanted to consider how we were evaluating our instruction program

1.  Strong program

2.  Heavy load of instruction each semester

3.  Good reputation within the university

B.  Is there a Formative way to evaluate?

1.  Librarians aren't necessarily trained to be teachers.

2.  Teaching should be an ongoing learning process.

3.  Way to help librarians outside of division who were doing instruction.

4.  Provide credibility to the instruction program we promote around campus.

C.  Looked for an appropriate means of providing ongoing review of teaching.

1.  Consulted with our Teaching and Learning Center, but their process too rooted in traditional teaching methods.

2.  Found an article in library literature on a process being used and modified by other university libraries:  Peer-Review of Teaching.

3.  Tweaked it to fit our needs.

D.  Strategic Plan

1.  Once decision made to implement, First Draft of SP included that we would develop a process of evaluation

2.  After finding the PROT, Second/Current Draft of SP included that we would implement and participants would include a self-reflection as part of their process.

3.  Fits under a heading of Professional Development for librarians.