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Peer Review of Teaching (PROT): Classroom Teaching Observation

This guide contains resources for the Peer Review of Teaching process

Classroom Teaching Observation Worksheet Overview

Content/Organization – Introduction, Overview, Statement of Purpose, Sequence of Presentation Logical  

Interaction – Encouraged and Addressed Student Questions, Gained and Maintained Student Attention and Rapport, Responded to Nonverbal Cues  

Presentation – Projected Voice, Good Eye Contact and Gestures, Appropriately Paced, Defined and Explained Terms, Confident and Enthusiastic

Instructional Materials – Handouts (Print and Electronic) Clear and Well-Organized (PowerPoint, LibGuides, etc.)

Questions -- What were the instructor's major strengths, as demonstrated in this observation?

What suggestions do you have for improving upon this instructor's skills?

Key Links

Key Links from Samson, S., & McCrea, D. (2008).

Using peer review to foster good teaching. Reference Services Review, 36(1), 61-70.


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