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Peer Review of Teaching (PROT): Post-Observation Meeting

This guide contains resources for the Peer Review of Teaching process


After the instruction session, but prior to the Post-PROT meeting, the librarian instructor should take time to reflect on his/her impression of the class session:

  • What was I trying to accomplish in this session? Did I accomplish everything I intended?
  • To what extent was the presentation effective for the material presented? To what extent was the presentation effective for the audience?
  • Did I have clear communication with the faculty member? Did I do a follow-up assessment with the faculty member?
  • How did the session involve students actively in the learning process?
  • How did I emphasize the students' perspective of the research process, rather than describing how the library works?
  • Was my questioning technique effective? (Did I use open-ended questions? Allow students time to respond? Build on students' answers?)
  • In answering questions, to what extent did I stay on the point, keeping the answer brief, and follow up to make sure the student understood the answer?
  • Did I prepare and organize the session in a way that met the objectives of the assignment? (Did I use examples that were related to the class assignment, of interest to students, and free of library jargon?)
  • What was the best aspect of the presentation?
  • What is one aspect of my performance that I would like to improve?

These are great questions to use in reflection after any instruction session!


Post-PROT Meeting

Soon after the PROT observation, the instructor librarian and the observer meet to discuss the Classroom Teaching Observation Worksheet.