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Peer Review of Teaching (PROT): Benefits

This guide contains resources for the Peer Review of Teaching process

Benefits of PROT


PROT facilitates student-centered instructional improvement

PROT helps instructors to focus on:

  • Instructional Goals
  • Organization and Content 
  • Presentation Skills
  • Student Engagement


PROT process promotes learning for the observer as well as the instructor:

  • New teaching faculty garner ideas, techniques, and pedagogy from  more experienced colleagues
  • Experienced librarians are inspired by the fresh perspectives, insights, and skills of newer teachers  


PROT facilitates mentoring

PROT fosters career-long professional development

PROT promotes discussion and critical analysis of good teaching

PROT is a formative rather than a summative assessment which promotes improvement while reducing stress

PROT is a flexible instrument that you can customize


If you choose to be reviewed by faculty outside the library, additional benefits include:

  • PROT educates the university community on what librarians do
  • PROT promotes collaboration