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Cases found in case reporters are trials that been appealed to a Court of Appeals or Supreme Court either state or federal.

Case reporters publish court decisions in chronological order, as they are released by the courts, but the reporters do not include topical indexes to allow you to find those cases by topic.

Federal Case Reporters

Federal Reporters contain legal opinions decided in the United States federal courts:   

U.S. Court



Stack Number

Supreme Court

United States Reports


Gov. Docs. Area

Supreme Court Reporter

S. Ct.

Stack 12

United States Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers' Edition

L. Ed.
L. Ed. 2d

Stack 12

Courts of Appeal

West's Federal Reporter, 3d Series


Stack 11

Federal Reporter, 2d Series


Stack 11

Federal Reporter


Stack 10

District Courts

West’s Federal Supplement, 3d

West's Federal Supplement, 2d Series

F. Supp. 2d/F.Supp.3d

Stack 9 and Stack 8

Federal Supplement


Stack 7

Regional Reporters

Regional Reporters contain the legal opinions of appellate state courts.


Atlantic Reporter

Stack 7

Not Kept Up to Date

California Reporter


Stack 2    Not Kept Up to Date

North Eastern Reporter

Stack 6

Not Kept Up to Date

New York Supplement


Stack 1 Not Kept Up to Date

North Western Reporter

Stack 6

Not Kept Up to Date

Pacific Reporter

Stack 5

Not Kept Up to Date

South Eastern Reporter


Stack 5 Not Kept Up to Date

South Western Reporter--

Contains Kentucky cases


Stack 4 Current