How to Find an Article from a Citation

We've all been there - you have a citation and now you want to get the article full-text.  How to proceed?  See the document below for step-by-step instructions.


Sugggested Databases

Other Suggested Databases

Searching by Author

Searching by the author/theorist's name and theory looks like this:


The "Find Full Text" Link

Permanent/Perisistent Links

You may need to send the link for an article to group members or to your professor.  Links to database articles are not always permanent - generally the url that you are accustomed to seeing at the top of the page is not permanent. 

  •  In EBSCOhost, persistent or permanent links are called Permalinks.  Permalink appears in the Tools bar on the right when you have clicked on an article's title

  •  A persistent article link may look something like this: 

  • For information on other databases, consult this online resource:

Is this confusing? No worries - If you need the permanent link to an article, contact your library liaison,

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