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  • A legal encyclopedia publishes a comprehensive collection of brief articles on legal topics. 
  • The two main legal encylopedias are American Jurisprudence (Am. Jur., Am. Jur.2d) and Corpus Juris Secondum (C.J.S.). 

American Law Reports (A.L.R.)

American Law Reports

  • Compilation of attorney written annotations (articles) that analyze a particular legal issue. 
  • These tend to be more indepth than an encylopedia article, and provide citations to cases on both sides of the issue. 
  • You can search for annotations on your topic using the Index volumes at the end of the set of series volumes. 
  • Once you have found an annotation on your topic, use the citation given to look up the annotation in the set. 
  • American Law Reports:  Law Library--not current

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