Frequently asked questions about the Cricut

Cricut Availability

The Cricut will be unavailable at this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can use the Cricut?

A: The Cricut is available to all EKU students, faculty, and staff.  You must checkout the Cricut in order to use it. The Cricut cannot be removed from the LRC.  


Q:How do I checkout the Cricut?


A:Bring your EKU ID or other photo ID, such as a driver’s license, to the LRC desk and ask for the Cricut!

*Note: The Cricut cannot be used if the LRC is unstaffed. It is advisable to call the LRC desk at 859-622-1794 to see if the Cricut is available.     


Q: Do I need to bring my own paper?


A: Yes.  The library does not provide any paper or other craft materials.  Cricut pens, mats, and tools are available for checkout.


Q: What else do I need to bring?


A: Always bring an ID and any materials needed to complete your project.  Be sure to bring your imagination!


Q: What materials can the Cricut cut?

A: Please check the "What Materials Can My Cricut Cut?" list provided by Cricut. Refer to the 'Explore' list.

    *Note: Please do not attempt to use any materials not on this list.  You will be responsible for damages occurring from using non-approved materials.


Q: Why is my project not cutting all the way/snagging/ripping/etc.?


A: As with all electronic devices, sometimes there are hiccups.  This can simply be a malfunction, or can be the result of using an incorrect cut setting or pressure.  The materials settings are calibrated to specific types of materials, and different brands may cut differently.  It is a good idea to always bring more material than you need, and test cut settings on extra or scrap materials.  We cannot be responsible for damages to your project.


Q: How can I get help with the Cricut?


A: It is highly encouraged that new users or users anticipating needing assistance use the "Schedule An Appointment" button on this guide to schedule a Cricut tutorial.  (Note that the project will not be made during this appointment; it is informational only.)  


Q: Why do some images and fonts display a price?

A: The Cricut library has lots of free images, and the LRC subscribes to Cricut Access for even more images.  However, there are some things in the Cricut library that have to be purchased separately. Please refrain from using these images and fonts.  The LRC will not purchase these. Please do not use your own credit card to purchase these either, as this can result in unwanted charges to your card.  EKU Libraries and the LRC cannot be responsible for any charges you may incur.

Q: How long can I use the Cricut?

A: The Cricut and all accessories have a two-hour checkout period.  If, at the end of this two hours, no one is waiting to use the Cricut, you may continue working.  However, if another patron is waiting, you will be asked to return all items. The Cricut may not be removed from the LRC.


Schedule an Appointment

Appointments for Cricut tutorials are unavailable at this time.

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