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GEO 210 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Research resources for Cory BlackEagle's GEO 210 Course. Resources are focused on environmental justice.


Welcome to your GEO 210 research webpage! This website has been designed in partnership with your instructor for your specific class! Your librarian is aware of your assignment and research resources' requirements and has made this webpage to help guide you along in the research process. Please email your librarian, Brittany Davis, at with any questions!

This guide is organized by SDG; meaning that each tab on the right is organized by the resources for your specific SDG. For example, the second tab "SDG 6" has websites, scholarly articles, and maps that contain quality information about the Clean Water & Sanitation SDG only. 

The page you are currently on lists a few quality resources that have information about more than one SDG. The last tab, "Environmental Justice Resources" has resources that cover multiple SDGs, with a primary focus on the environmental justice aspect. If you want to know more about what exactly environmental justice is, click on that tab!

Multiple SDGs Resources