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HLS 101 Simpkins: Research Questions

Stay Up to Date with News Search Alerts

Changes and updates to many of these topics seem to be happening almost daily.  How can you stay on top of new developments?

  • Are you a commuter? Try listening to 88.9 WEKU on your commute in the morning.
  • Not a commuter? Try listening to 88.9 WEKU anyway.
  • Make it a habit to visit or other high quality, reputable news sites at least once a day. 
  • Set up newspaper and Google Search alerts on your research topics.  Step by step instructions on how to do that below.

Homeland Security Search Strategies

With Homeland Security research, often you have to start researching in order to know what you need to research.

  • Grab a sheet of paper or the attached Keyword handout, start searching the big picture -- the broad -- topics to learn more.
  • As your search, jot down specific terms you learn, relevant laws and Executive orders, any applicable amendments and court cases, and even specific researchers whose names seem to come up more than once. 
  • Once you know more about your topic and now have some specific keywords, try some new searches using those terms and ideas. And think through your searching and try to be specific with some strategies.

Fight Fake News

fight fake news and know who is reputable

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Research Analysis Project

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