ENG 303 Course Guide

Resources for students in the ENG 303 course.

How to find NCTE articles - screenshots

1. From the LibGuide, choose which NCTE journal in which you want to search.

Screenshot of the ENG 303 course guide home page with arrows pointing to individual NCTE journals

2. Enter your EKU credentials. Use the same info that you enter for Blackboard.

screenshot of the log in page to access EKU library resources

3. Enter your topic in the search box.

NCTE search page

4. By default, NCTE will give you results from within all of their content (including all NCTE journals, their website, and more). To limit your search to a particular publication, use the options to narrow your search to journals and the specific NCTE publication that best fits your preferred grade level.

NCTE all results screen

5. Select the title or the pdf of one of the results to access to the article.

NCTE journal article results screen

6. You can also the download the article or use the print option in your browser menu.

NCTE article download option

Off-Campus Access to Full-Text

Currently, there is a problem with NCTE's website connecting to EKU Libraries when you are off campus. You can see the search results, but when you narrow to search within NCTE journals, you aren't able to access the full text of most of their articles. We are working to get NCTE to correct the problem, but in the meantime, there is a work-around. Follow the steps below to paste the proxy code in the URL to tell NCTE to connect to EKU Libraries.

1. Follow the search steps listed on this page to get to an article.

2. Once you get to an article, you may see a message that says, Login Required. In the address bar of your browser, enter this code in front of the existing URL:  https://libproxy.eku.edu/login?url=

where to paste the proxy code in the browser for the NCTE website


3. This should take you to EKU Libraries' full text access of the article.

If you are still having trouble, please message me at cindy.judd@eku.edu.