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Geek Makerspace Labs

Located on the first floor of Crabbe Library in room 103, the Geek Makerspace is a collaborative, open and inviting space for EKU students to learn, create, and make together.

Makerspace Guidelines

The Makerspace at Underground Media is free for use by any EKU students and faculty.

  •     Safety is the TOP PRIORITY!
  •     NO FOOD or DRINKS.
  •     Report any and all accidents or injuries to Geek Staff immediately.
  •     Clients must be currently enrolled EKU students or an actively employed employee with EKU.
  •     Use of space is first-come, first-serve but reservations are possible.
  •     Use only what you need.  Measure twice, cut once.
  •     Those using equipment in the makerspace should ask for help when they are uncertain of what to do or how to operate equipment.*
  •     Check in and check out when entering and exiting.
  •     Follow safety guidelines and wear safety gear such as glasses, gloves, etc. when necessary.
  •     Secure loose items–long hair tied back, sleeves rolled up, no dangling jewelry.
  •     Secure your materials by clamping it down.
  •     Focus on what you are doing.
  •     Proper use of equipment is expected. Geek staff have the right to end the use of any equipment if a student or faculty member is mishandling equipment or using it in a way that can cause damage.
  •     Be responsible in these spaces; immature behavior is dangerous and will not be tolerated.
  •     The person who checks out the equipment will be considered the main user and is responsible for any damage or misuse of makerspace equipment, even if a group is working on a project together.
  •     Use the Makerspace for maker activities only.
  •     Respect and abide by the IT Code of Ethics (
  •     Follow all federal, state and local rules covering intellectual property and copyright and patents.
  •     Students and faculty cannot use the Makerspace to create any objects that endanger anyone, including weapons or pieces of weapons.
  •     Makerspace can be used for educational as well as recreational/practical purposes by students and faculty, so long as they follow the previously laid out guidelines.
  •     Students must clean up after themselves when finished.


Failure to follow these rules will cause your privilege to be revoked.