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Geek Media Labs

The EKU IT Geek Media Spaces: areas where students can learn about digital production skills (video, photography, and audio studios) and the technology to use them.

EKU Library Book & Other Resources

Academic Resources

Adobe Creative Cloud (YouTube Channel) 

Adobe Creative Cloud (Blog)

Adobe Creative Cloud (Tutorials) 

Creative Cloud Tutorials for Students 

Adobe Education Exchange (for Instructors)

Digital Literacy

Framing & Composition

Video Tutorial: Composition, Framing and the 180 Degree Rule

The Basics of Photography Composition

Rules of Shot Composition in Film: A Definitive Guide

20 Composition Techniques that will Improve Your Pictures

Rule of Thirds in Photography: Composition Tips

Rule of Thirds in Photography: The Essential Guide

Basics of Video Shooting

Video Composition Rules

What is the Lead Room Principle in Photography?


Photomontage: What is it and How to Make One Yourself

Craft surreal images using digital photomontage

Photomontage - History and Concepts

What is a Video Montage? Tips to make a Video Montage for Social

White Balance

Tutorials: White Balance

Understanding White Balance - A Beginner's Guide

Cheat Sheet: White Balance Presets


Understanding Diegetic Sound in Video Storytelling

Diegetic vs Non-Diegetic Sound

Direct Sound and Reflected Sound

History of Film - Postsynchronization 

Microphone Polar Patterns

Microphone Basics: Transducers, Polar Patterns, & Frequency Response


What is Key Light?  Definitions and Examples in Photography and Film

What is Key Light? Everything You Need to Know

How to Use a Fill Light for Perfect Photos

Getting to Grips with Fill Light in Portrait Photography

What is Fill Light? Everything You Need to Know

Front Light vs Side Light vs Back Light

An Introduction to Backlight Photography

The Three-Point Lighting in Videos: Why and How?