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Geek Gaming Labs

The EKU IT Geek Gaming Space (The Game Cave) is an area where students can play video games, console games, board games, and VR exerience\games.


Oculus Quest 2

Sample list of Experiences Available

Title Genres Description
Human Anatomy VR Complete Edition Educational, Exploration, Medicine
Human anatomy is essential part of medicine. This app represents a unique approach of learning general anatomy. Thanks to excellent graphics, informative content and innovative features is learning rich and engaging experience. The user works in comfortable and enjoyable setting. Functions: - Slice mode - Search mode - Latin nomenclature for each anatomical structure - User friendly and intuitive interface - Dynamic quizess - All subdivisions of skeleton - User can change background - Female and Male human systems - Contains skeleton, muscular system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, integumentary system, digestive system, reproductive system, lymphatic system, connective tissue, anatomical model of the eye, anatomical model of the ear, cross-section of the tooth, cross-section of the skin.
Gala360 - Travel & Relax 360 Experience (non-game), Educational, Travel See the world in Gala360's professional 6K resolution 360 photos and 5K 360 relaxation videos! Most tours are free, and you can pay a small fee to unlock more. Part of your payment goes directly to these professional 360 photographers to bring you more contents. More than 300 tours around the most interesting places around the world. Hot Spots tours are labeled with a foot icon, walk around in such tours! Some tours are labeled with narration icon, listen to the stories behind these tours. English only for now. Some tours are labeled with a 3D icon. These are stereoscopic tours, take a bit longer to load.
The Body VR Educational, Exploration, Narrative NOTE: Audio NOT compatible with bluetooth headphones. The Body VR is an educational virtual reality experience that takes the user inside the human body. Travel through the bloodstream and discover how blood cells work to spread oxygen throughout the body. Enter one of the billions of living cells inside our body and learn how the organelles work together to fight deadly viruses.
Space Time Educational, Space/Universe Space Time takes you to some of the strangest and most beautiful places in the universe to explore astrophysics and the nature of reality. See how time bends as you approach the speed of light, how space flows and curves, and approach a black hole to discover it's deadly mysteries. Matt O'Dowd, host of the popular PBS YouTube Channel Space Time, explores some of the most fascinating questions in astrophysics in a way that everyone can understand.
Cat Flight Educational Created by BBC Earth, Cat Flight is the story of a mother caracal and her kitten trying to find food in a desolate African desert. The mother’s hunting technique involves a monstrous leap that takes her well above human head height, then she tries to grab a bird in mid-flight. Witness this remarkable jump in real-life super slow motion and then discover how she does it in an interactive CGI world.
Mission:ISS Educational, Exploration, Simulation Take a trip into orbit and experience life on board the International Space Station! In this Emmy-nominated simulation, learn how to move and work in zero-gravity using a controller. Dock a space capsule, take a spacewalk, and let real NASA astronauts guide you on the ISS through informative videos and images.
Fearless Educational, Simulation, Utility Fearless helps you overcome your fears. Spiders, cockroaches, and bees/wasps now included! “Fearless has significantly reduced my fear of spiders… an amazing application of VR.” -sigsegv0xb -Fearless will guide you at your own pace, starting with a friendly cartoon drawing. No jump scares. -New! Now spiders, cockroaches AND bees. More coming soon. -Inspired by proven exposure therapy techniques. Fearless is not a game, and not a horror experience. Many more fears are on the way! Our goal is to help you overcome all your fears. We tried to ensure that the experience is as comfortable as possible, but you will be facing your fears. Please proceed at your own risk.
Ooogie GearVR Adventure, Casual, Educational, Exploration, Narrative For anyone who has ever watched a BBC Earth production and wished they could get closer to the action, Oogie is an exciting new kind of exploration game – the interactive documentary. Developed with BBC Earth and authentically narrated, Oogie is the story of a small Beetle with big dreams. After catching a glimpse of his dream girl, Oogie sets out on a perilous journey across the South African desert. On his travels the brave little beetle will encounter fierce ants, rugged terrain, and deadly predators. Across three levels the player can kick and bite the angry ants and also collect navigational pickups and coins that can be used to unlock additional content. As Oogie looks high and low for his ladylove, a documentary-style voiceover will narrate his adventures and behaviour as well as pointing out upcoming hazards. Will Oogie succeed in his quest?
Unimersiv Dinosaurs, Documentary & History, Educational Unimersiv is the largest platform for VR educational experiences. Explore the Acropolis of Athens, the Lincoln Memorial, the Statue of Liberty and many more alongside other users in a social VR environment. Make sure to follow our events to participate in Guided Tours with historians!
Atlas Obscura VR Educational, Exploration, Travel Featuring incredible imagery, fascinating stories and hidden interactive gems that will transport you to the most amazing locations in the world. In Season One you will explore three fascinating locations, with over 45 minutes of interactive adventure including; * Winchester House (USA) * The Temples of Damanhur (Italy) * The salt mines of Salina Turda (Romania) Plus, unlock up to 50 fascinating virtual articles with more interactive content and adventure to be released over the coming months. NOTE: Atlas Obscura VR needs 2GB free to successfully install. If you are having issues installing the app with an error of 'download failed', this may be due to not enough free space on your device.
Notes on Blindness 360 Experience (non-game), Educational, Exploration, Narrative, Simulation Arte Experience presents Notes On Blindness, a VR journey into a world beyond sight. In 1983, after decades of steady deterioration, John Hull became totally blind. To help him make sense of the upheaval in his life, he began documenting his experiences on audio cassette. These original diary recordings form the basis of this project, an interactive non fiction using new forms of storytelling to explore his cognitive and emotional experience of blindness.
International Space Station Tour VR Casual, Educational, Exploration, Movie, Space/Universe, Utility Embark on a mind-blowing VR journey to one of the most advanced 'miracles' of modern technology to have ever been built by mankind. Join astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti from the European Space Agency (ESA) as you step aboard the International Space Station. Guided by the holder of the record for the longest uninterrupted spaceflight for a European astronaut you will learn about the inner-workings of the International Space Station. Moving between 8 modules you will uncover over 40 key areas of the space station that serve as the living quarters and science laboratory for an international crew of astronauts and cosmonauts. Gain an insiders view of what it is like to live and work onboard the longest, continually inhabited space station to orbit Earth.
Anne Frank House VR Documentary & History, Educational In 1942, during the Second World War, Anne Frank, a thirteen-year-old Jewish girl and her family were forced to go into hiding to escape persecution from the Nazis. For more than two years, the Franks and 4 others would live in the “Secret Annex” of an old office building in Amsterdam, sharing the burden of living in hiding in confined quarters with the constant threat of discovery. The award winning Anne Frank House VR offers a unique and emotional insight into these two years. Experience the world-famous Secret Annex in a never before seen way. Travel back to the years of the Second World War and wander through the rooms of the Annex that housed the group of 8 Jewish people as they hid from the Nazis. Immerse yourself in Anne’s thoughts as you traverse each faithfully recreated room, thanks to the power of VR, and find out what happened to the Annex’ brave inhabitants.
Ocean Rift Casual, Educational, Exploration Ocean Rift is the world's first VR aquatic safari park. Explore a vivid underwater world full of life including dolphins, sharks, turtles, sea snakes, rays, whales, manatees, sea lions and even dinosaurs! You can swim around and explore each habitat using gamepad or touch controls. This full version contains 12 habitats ready for you to explore. Activate the education mode to learn more about the animals you come across. There are over 40 fully narrated information points to find.
Wonders of the World Adventure, Casual, Educational, Exploration, Narrative In Wonders of the world you will visit the Colossus of Rhodes, Taj Mahal and Machu Picchu. Travel to the island of Rhodes in the year 251 BCE, famous for the 108 foot statue of the Greek god Helios, known today as the Colossus of Rhodes! When you arrive you will assume the character Melissa of Delos, a priestess in the temple of Aphrodite. The city is Agra, India in the year 1640. The construction of the Taj Mahal, is well under way. You will play the character of Kasim Kahn, an apprentice to Ismail, the head foreman overseeing the building of what will become one of the greatest buildings ever designed and constructed. Travel thirty miles south of the South American Incan capital city of Cusco, Peru. The year is 1532 and two Incan brothers, Atahualpa and Huascar, have fought a civil war for control of the empire their father built. You are Anko, an administrator sent by the victor, Atahualpa, to assess the estate of the past emperor. Explore and learn in wonders of the world!
Titans of Space Educational, Narrative, Space/Universe Hang on to your cockpit seat! Go for a ride through this authentic miniature Solar System, and then squint your eyes in the intense light of a few of the largest known stars. Enjoy curated photos and facts while listening to up to 60 minutes of voiceover. Great care has been taken to ensure a comfortable and thrilling experience. Features: * Self-paced guided tour, with an optional comfort mode * Up to 60 minutes of optional English voiceover and subtitles * Accurate visuals and facts for over 40 celestial bodies * Enhanced 3D effect - reduced scale makes it easy to compare sizes * Engaging soundtrack * Voiceover audio, subtitles, and most app text are customizable Voiceover and subtitles are only available in English at this time.
Chernobyl VR Project 360 Experience (non-game), Documentary & History, Educational, Exploration, Narrative, Travel Visit Chernobyl without leaving home! Chernobyl VR Project combines video game mechanics with the educational and movie narrative approach. It is the very first virtual tour around the Chernobyl area. Chernobyl VR Project uses a state-of-the-art graphics solutions, such as advanced 3D scans of locations and buildings, spherical photography, stereoscopic videos and augmented reality. Chernobyl VR Project is not only a story of an abandoned place, but it is even more about the people. The Farm 51 aimed to reach survivors for whom the disaster had an intimate and sometimes family aspect. The Farm 51 is donating part of the proceeds from the sales of the Chernobyl VR Project to foundations helping the victims of the disaster in Ukraine. In doing so we hope that we contribute this cause and that the initiative will give our project another social dimension.
Apollo 11 VR Mobile Educational, Exploration, Simulation, Space/Universe Apollo 11 VR is the story of the greatest journey ever taken by humankind. Now for the first time ever, you get to experience this historic event through the eyes of those who lived through it. Using a mix of original archive audio and video together with accurate recreations of the spacecraft and locations, all set to inspirational music. Get set for an experience that will not only educate you but will also leave a lasting impression and deep respect for the men and women who worked on the Apollo program during NASA’s golden era. Apollo 11 VR is a new type of documentary, not only do you get to relive the events of 1969, you can also take control and fly the command module, land the lunar lander, explore the Moon's surface and deploy the lunar experiments all before returning to earth in a fiery re-entry. Take one small step today and climb aboard Apollo 11 for the journey of a lifetime.
House of Languages VR Adventure, Casual, Educational, Puzzle *NEW VERSION* House of Languages VR – is a new way to master English, German or Spanish languages. It is a highly-effective way for learning new vocabulary using several channels of perception in VR: * see the object and its corresponding name, * hear the name of the object, * repeat the name of the object. We believe it is the most powerful way to memorize foreign language words. There are 10+2 different locations within the app, such as airport, cafe, cinema, zoo, museum, etc. +School! The locations contain: * useful words for real life conversation, * review table with all words from the location, * mini-games such as a word guessing test and puzzles. Friendly little Mr Woo will teach you. You will also get to meet his family and discover his cute world. All the wоrds you need to memorize are just around you. House of Languages - is a beautiful and comfortable VR environment for you to discover, interact, learn and enjoy!
Looking Glass VR Casual, Educational, Travel Even amongst virtual reality enthusiasts, most people don’t realize that the first 3D viewer was developed in 1838 by Charles Wheatstone - almost 180 years ago! Since before the popularization of television, radio, cinema, or virtual reality, people have been exploring the world through immersive stereo 3D images. From the invention of the stereoscope up through the mid 20th century, hundreds of thousands of stereographic photos cards were produced and distributed all over the world. Though nearly forgotten, these photo cards can again be viewed as intended, thanks to the advent of mobile VR.
Bear Island Educational Bear Island is the story of a young black bear, named Swift, who is searching for a perfect fishing spot. But Swift is not the only one looking for food, she faces dangerous competition from older bears and hungry wolves - it’s up to you to help her negotiate the waterways and find a safe hunting ground. Created by BBC Earth Productions using real-life footage.
Mars Is a Real Place 360 Experience (non-game), Educational, Space/Universe Experience the red planet like never before in this musical slideshow of stereoscopic 3D photos of the surface of Mars. 80 spellbinding high-resolution 3D images have been carefully curated and presented for comfortable viewing. Images include views from Mars' orbit and panoramas taken on the surface. The slideshow is set to music, and each image comes with supporting information for those that want to delve a little deeper into each landscape. Headphones are recommended.
YouVisit Showcase Educational, Exploration, Narrative Step into exotic locations like Machu Picchu; browse leading colleges and universities, including Harvard and Yale; become immersed in breathtaking live events like TomorrowWorld. Explore thousands of riveting virtual reality experiences in a variety of industries, including travel, education, events, real estate, business, restaurants, and many more. YouVisit’s virtual experiences can also be accessed through a unique 360-degree web browser experience on its website,
In the Eyes of the Animal  Adventure, Educational, Exploration In the Eyes of the Animal allows you to explore the forest through the eyes of four woodland species, it is an artistic interpretation of how animals view the world and their living environment. Developed by creative studio Marshmallow Laser Feast - who delight in exploring the line between virtual and real-world experiences. In The Eyes of the Animal was created using UAV’s, lidar scans and bespoke 360° cameras. This has helped shape the point cloud aesthetic and ghostly architecture we view in the computer generated environment. The visual experience is also complimented by a meditative binaural soundscape using audio recordings from forests in the UK. This mobile experience brings you on an episodic journey as the story of the animal food chain unfolds over four chapters introducing the species, their visions and their worlds.
Smithsonian Journeys" Venice  Educational, Travel Smithsonian Journeys: Venice invites you to take a tour of this magical city with a brilliant professor of Italian history as your personal guide. Enjoy over 30 minutes of 3D 360° video shot on location as you learn all about the history and culture of the city. In this experience you’ll: - take a gondola ride under the Bridge of Sighs and past Marco Polo’s house - float down Venice’s famous Grand Canal and see where Casanova lived - have an espresso in the beautiful Piazza San Marco - go a walking tour of the city’s most interesting sites - watch a Murano glassblowing demonstration - and much more! Guided by the charming professor Kenneth R. Bartlett, who has been teaching Italian history for nearly 40 years, you’ll discover fascinating facts along the way that will make your journey so much more memorable and rewarding. If you’ve ever wanted to visit Venice, now is your chance!
BBC VR Educational, Exploration, Narrative Get ready to experience BBC storytelling like you never have before. In Virtual Reality you’re not just seeing the story, you’re part of it. Discover the latest in Virtual Reality from the BBC.
Meeting Rembrandt: Master of Reality Casual, Educational, Movie, Narrative, Simulation Rembrandt van Rijn is one of the world’s most famous painters and one of the earliest masters of creating 'virtual reality'. What if you could have the chance to meet him? Live a moment in time with the famous 17th century master painter and get close up and personal as he changes history forever with his controversial painting, the Night Watch. You are there! Travel back in time and feel what life might have been like in 1642 during the Dutch Golden Age. Go inside the house of Rembrandt to get a glimpse into the life of one of the most famous painters of all time. Be a part of the movie as Rembrandt responds to your actions bringing an extra level of immersion to the experience. The rich environment you enter into is visually stunning because of the unique techniques used to heighten the quality to the highest level possible on the Samsung Gear VR.
Virtual Speech Educational, Productivity, Simulation Improve your soft skills through practice in realistic VR scenarios with VirtualSpeech. Training rooms include public speaking, sales pitches, networking, business storytelling, media training and more. Features ★ Upload your presentation slides and notes ★ Realistic virtual environments and avatars ★ Sound and visual distractions ★ Save speeches to review later ★ Speech analysis with real time feedback on your delivery ★ Eye contact rating ★ Upload custom questions For our detailed app guide, visit:
VR Vienna Casual, Educational, Exploration, Social, Travel Go on an immersive journey of discovery through Vienna and experience Viennese moments in 360°. Waltz to the sounds of the Vienna Philharmonic and take a peek behind the scenes of the Summer Night Concert. Dive into the rhythm of the city and feel the Viennese attitude towards life at various places.
Imageen Tarraco VR Educational, Movie, Narrative IMAGEEN VR, reliving History is an authentic gateway to the past. Travel to the second century, ancient city of Tarraco, and be amazed by the chariot races, gladiator fights and architecture of the forum and temple. Imageen allows you to contrast the current situation of some monuments against the way the used to look like twenty centuries ago. You can live the inmersion experience of living and understand those monuments in their golden age. With Imageen you can also choose a virtual guide that will explain to you the evolution of the place. You can also get some short video pills that will give you a quick view of the place.
Städel Time Machine Casual, Educational, Exploration, Narrative, Simulation What did Frankfurt’s Städel Museum look like in the nineteenth century? The “Time Machine” is a virtual reality app that provides fascinating insights into the architecture of the art museum and how it presented its collection in 1878. Wander through the 3D reconstructions of the collection rooms and find out which of your favourite works were already in the museum back then – and how they were displayed. In two tours designed especially for this app, you can get to know highlights of our collection and learn interesting facts about the history of the museum. The building’s architecture is also a topic here. Another option is to explore the Städel Museum of the year 1878 on your own. The “Time Machine” is the result of in-depth research. The digital depiction of the historical Städel – the first reconstruction ever offered of a prominent civic museum collection – shows how time-bound our ways of viewing artworks are.
MEL Chemistry VR Lessons Educational MEL Chemistry is a course of chemistry lessons in virtual reality, made to fit the school curriculum, where virtual reality turns studying into an entertaining process for learning about the rudiments of chemistry, using scientific games and the immersion method. Become a researcher in a scientific laboratory. Dive into solids and gases to learn about their structure on the atomic and molecular level. Construct any atom on your own with a special constructor and learn about electron configuration. Don’t memorize, understand! Immersing yourself in the subject of study makes it a lot easier to comprehend chemistry. Complex concepts become visual, and the ability to interact makes studying fun and entertaining. Inside you will find multiple lessons that follow the basic school curriculum. There are also simple tasks and tests that will help you absorb more knowledge.
Healium Educational, Narrative, Relaxation/Meditation Beautiful escapes and stories that feed your soul and recalibrate your digital diet. Float through a crystal forest, make the flurries fly inside a magic snowglobe or trace a mandalynth. Your thoughts have POWER not only in the virtual world but the real world as well. This is the lite version of our app. To experience Healium Pro with a Brainlink Lite EEG headband, a data fitness dashboard, our video curriculum on neuromeditation, and updated content, please email Note: this is a self-awareness tool and is not a treatment or diagnostic tool for any disease or medical condition.
Parti 2: 252 Bal Bay Drive 360 Experience (non-game), Educational, Exploration Each edition of Parti will examine a design and its concepts in a dialogue format with its creator. Parti's mission is to radically advance architectural representation as an experiential spatial discourse. Parti is a DBOXVR series. DBOX is an Emmy Award-winning Visual Communications agency that has been representing architecture and envisioning futures for over twenty years. Parti 2: Features Oppenheim Architecture. An award winning architecture, planning, and interior design firm, lead by Chad Oppenheim. The firm’s work is built on both a physical and spiritual contextual sensitivity, supported by evocative and economic design solutions that all serve to enhance life.
MasterWorks: Journey Through History Documentary & History, Educational, Travel, Utility Travel to three continents and visit some of the world's most amazing places that span over 3000 years of human history. Discover the fate of the ancient capital of Thailand, the mysteries of a pre-Incan temple in the Peruvian Andes, the astonishing Native American cliff dwellings of Colorado, and the monumental stone carvings of Mt Rushmore in South Dakota. The MasterWorks Museum transports you to four fully explorable environments where you can collect artifacts and learn from archaeologists and scientists as you unravel the mysteries of who built these amazing places and learn about the challenges they face today in a rapidly changing climate.
VLIPPmed Educational VLIPPmed™ is a global platform that uses Mativision’s proprietary VR technology for good, helping healthcare professionals from around the world gain access to immersive medical training by experts in their field which leads to better treatment for patients, no matter where they are. The platform allows everyone to virtually be in the operating theatre and watch a surgery in VR either live or on-demand with multiple interactive user tools.
Athens in VR Educational, Travel Lithodomos VR has painstakingly recreated the Acropolis, Parthenon and Athenian Agora, allowing you to step back in time to visit and explore these cultural icons in all of their original splendour and glory. Your journey covers the most important parts of ancient Athens including the Acropolis. Visit, music halls, grand temples, ancient colonnades & take control of the order in which you view all of the sites. You are the conductor of this tour, easily navigating your journey from place to place, and you can choose to listen to the entertaining audio guide as you go. This immersive experience is engaging, containing factual content of great historical significance. Every detail has been researched, approved, and is backed-up by archaeological evidence. It is perfect for tourists who are visiting (or planning to visit) Athens & is designed for students learning about ancient Greek history, Athens or Archaeology. Turn back time. See Athens now, the birthplace of western civilisation.
My New Home: Experience a Refugee Camp Educational, Exploration, Narrative In this interactive tour of a refugee camp Plan International invites you on a journey that let's you imagine what it’s like to have to flee from your home as a child, and end up in a vast refugee camp far away from home. My New Home is a 360/VR-experience where you explore the refugee camp Nyarugusu in Tanzania, together with the children that live there. The experience lets you walk through the camp as if you were a refugee child, arriving at your new home in the vast refugee camp.
StoryUP Documentary & History, Educational, Exploration, Narrative From a volcano in Congo to the Riviera Maya, step inside the stories of real people on these virtual narratives. From the World War II memorial to a beautiful sunrise on the Amazon, don't just watch the story...feel it. Let it lift you up.
Breaking Boundaries in Science Documentary & History, Educational, Narrative Introducing Breaking Boundaries, an interactive virtual reality celebration of some of history’s most influential women scientists. Their legacies are not only of groundbreaking discoveries, but also of overcoming obstacles, following passions, and breaking the mold. Designed and available exclusively for the Samsung Gear, Breaking Boundaries immerses players in the life and times of famous figures like Jane Goodall, Marie Curie, and Grace Hopper. Players will explore each scientist’s real-life work environments and will gain an intimate knowledge of their lives and achievements through fully voice-acted vignettes that are steeped in historical context, including narration from Jane Goodall herself!
Digital Domain VR Casual, Educational, Narrative Have you ever been in a class 5 tornado? Stood face to face with wild gorillas in Africa? Now you can! Step into the world of virtual reality with Digital Domain's immersive storytelling experiences, including a sneak peek at the upcoming cinematic series, The Monkey King.
EAA 360 Adventure, Educational, Exploration, Movie "Take flight with EAA’s 360 and virtual reality videos. Experience the real life sensation and excitement of flight with your virtual reality headset or Google Cardboard. This collection of 360 videos and virtual reality experiences take you through various aspects of general aviation. Plus, get experiences and point of views that aren’t available anywhere else; from the cockpit of an aerobatic plane to the pyrotechnic line during airshows, under a 26 ton water drop and more! EAA is a community of passionate aviation enthusiasts that promotes and supports recreational flying, of all types! Offering free introductory flights through EAA Young Eagles and hosting the World’s Largest Aviation Celebration in Oshkosh, WI every year. Learn more at "
Al Jazeera Contrast Documentary & History, Educational, Narrative AJ Contrast – Al Jazeera’s immersive storytelling and media innovation studio – pushes the boundaries of storytelling while taking viewers directly to the front lines of the biggest news events around the world. Experience Al Jazeera’s bold and fearless journalism with thematic, in-depth experiences: VR and 360º documentaries, linear videos and photo galleries covering pressing global issues from the Rohingya refugee crisis to environmental devastation in Nigeria.
Phone of the Wind 360 Experience (non-game), Educational, Narrative, Simulation In the seaside village of Otsuchi, Japan, Itaru Sasaki built the Phone of the Wind as a way to enable contact with those who are no longer with us. The Phone Of The Wind looks like any other phone booth. However, this phone is physically connected to nowhere. The natural tranquility and transcendent means of communication combine for a unique and cathartic healing experience.
First Aid Training Educational, Medicine, Simulation Full Emergency First Aid course with engaging interactions, training content and quiz modules. Contains 14 training modules, interactive realistic simulations and multiple questions testing modules. First Aid Training is an engaging way to learn the essential skill of First Aid that provides the opportunity of immediate testing and practical simulation.
TallinnVR Casual, Educational, Travel Experience the unique old town of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Located in the Northeastern Europe, this colorful city offers a rich historical background and a well preserved old town. You will be accompanied by tour guide Dayvid, who will show you the most magical places you can visit. The tour is interactive, so each user can choose where to go to next. There are 8 places total and you can go back to each one after your first playthrough. Each scene is a 360 video about a unique place in Tallinn's old town. This application uses the direction of the headset as the cursor, so there is no need for any kind of controllers.
Okyeonjeongsa VR Educational, Exploration This virtual reality content is made especially for Gear VR to express the beautiful Korean traditional architecture and its surroundings with the excellent view and narrations.
busuu - Learn Spanish Casual, Educational, Exploration What happens when you arrive early for a Mexican fiesta? In busuu’s Spanish Learning Game you arrive at a beautiful Mexican hacienda, are greeted by a telepresence robot, taught to speak some Spanish and asked to help the delightfully odd Mendoza family to get ready for the party! As you learn new Spanish phrases, you get to practice them out loud in conversations while you help the family to prepare for the fiesta. Speech recognition technology recognizes your voice and allows you to ask and answer questions in Spanish. And a Spanish dictionary allows you to revisit, repeat and practice each phrase in your own time. As you explore the hacienda, you might help Karla, the avid-collector, cook something for the fiesta; or pick out a party outfit for Daniel, the sensitive luchador, to wear. If Maria, the hacienda’s caretaker, doesn’t end the night in a puddle of her own tears, then you’ll know the party preparation was a great success!
CMHR: Weaving a better future Educational, Exploration, Movie, Narrative "Weaving a Better Future" is a virtual reality (VR) experience developed by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) to accompany the exhibition Empowering Women: Artisan Cooperatives that Transform Communities. Through this 360-degree visual experience, viewers are virtually transported to Guatemala, where they explore the world of artisan women working for empowerment and asserting their rights. The video was created by CMHR staff members, who visited the villages, workplaces and homes of Maya women in weaving communities. These women use cooperative work and traditional weaving to make a living, preserve their culture and heal from human rights violations. This experience is designed to be viewed with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and other virtual reality phone mounts. Place the phone in the viewer upon launch of the app. Headphones are recommended. You can also view the video without a VR viewer simply by moving your smartphone.
VRAVO! Educational, Productivity, Utility VRAVO! is the first Virtual Tele-Presentations Platform that connects presenters and teachers with audiences and students from all over the world, in immersive 3D environments, enhancing presentations using 360 Videos, animated 3D models, and more. You need to sign up to before using this app.
The City Quakes: San Francisco 1906 & 1989 Casual, Educational, Movie Watching the history of San Francisco earthquakes from classic 1906 footage to the modern 1989 event in stereoscopic format, brought into VR with customizable theater seating and environments. The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906 was the worst natural disaster in American history, destroying over 500 city blocks and leaving nearly a quarter of a million people homeless. It was also the first catastrophe to spark a worldwide media frenzy. “The City Quakes” takes you back to San Francisco’s wild gold rush beginnings and the days leading up to and immediately after the great quake and firestorm. These stereo photos, taken by amateur and professional photographers alike, put you right on the scene and include rare images never before seen in 3-D, including dramatic views of the 1989 Loma Prieta quake.
Sesqui VR: Meridian Educational, Exploration, Music, Narrative Polarman – Combining 360° video with drawings by Canadian comic artists, Polarman tells the origin story of Iqaluit’s real-life superhero. A Tribe Called Red: Indian City 360° – Featuring music by Indigenous DJ crew, A Tribe Called Red, this interactive video features gradient audio that lets viewers “mix” a song with their eyes. Pikangikum – Puppetry and animation illustrate traditional Ojibwe teachings. A film by Amanda Strong, in collaboration with students from Pikangikum, Ontario. Hani al Moulia: My Own Perspective – Join Hani al Moulia, a new Canadian who fled war in Syria, and see moments in which his perspective crystallizes into photos of amazing clarity. Waterball – Designer Marian Bantjes collaborates with electronic musician Loscil, to create a kaleidoscopic experience composed of video loops of water and a generative soundscape. HORIZON – A 360° visual symphony celebrating the people, landscapes and freedoms that make Canada home. You’ll see Canada like never before.
The People's House Educational, Movie, Narrative The People’s House takes you on a historic visit to President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s White House. Through the transportive power of VR, the Obamas take you on an intimate journey inside the West Wing, Executive and Private Residences, reflecting on their time there, and recounting the building’s profound history since its creation over two centuries ago.
Judi Dench: My Oak Tree VR 360 Experience (non-game), Documentary & History, Educational Combining cutting-edge graphics, created using real scan data, and state-of-the-art 360 filming techniques startling insights into the life of Judi’s oak are revealed and audiences are able to gain a new understanding of the trees within Judi Dench’s 6-acre garden. Travelling up the trunk and deep within the branches of Judi’s favourite oak tree, audiences learn how this incredible carbon capture machine is helping to save our planet. Using an incredibly detailed 3D scan of Judi’s 200-year-old oak tree the team built a 360-degree journey through Judi’s most impressive oak, stripping it back to reveal each of its secrets. Viewers will see just how many leaves are on this one tree, an incredible 260,000 – the equivalent of three tennis courts. A remarkably clever algorithm instantly transforms the branches into measurable volumetric cylinders, measuring in at a staggering 25 tonnes and stretching a mind blowing 12km – over half the height of Mount Everest.
Claustral Canyon Adventure, Educational, Travel Located in the Blue Mountains National Park and a three hour drive from Sydney, Claustral Canyon is a unique example of a pristine, remote, and very inaccessible slot canyon. Accessing Claustral Canyon requires one to abseil or rappel down three hazardous waterfalls. Doing this without canyoneering guides is highly inadvisable. For most visitors to the region, Claustral Canyon is a mysterious place, hidden in the depths of the Australian Bush and existing only in one's imagination. This experience allows anyone to enter and explore a large section of the canyon with complete freedom. You can go right close to the pools and waterfalls, experience the magnificent sun shafts that come down through the towering ferns from above, and learn about all the challenges we faced with the humid and damp conditions as well as the tiger snakes. Experience Claustral Canyon without the discomfort of actually being there in a heavy, damp wetsuit and feel what a true adventure can be like!
Pompeii Documentary & History, Educational, Travel Pompeii is an experience allowing you to visit the most famous ruins of Pompeii, Italy. Feeling like you are really there, you can walk along one of Pompeii's main streets, visit the interior of an extraordinarily well preserved Roman house, experience the hustle and bustle of Pompeii's bars and shops, visit two beautiful Roman gardens, and finally get to experience what is was like bathing in a 2000 year old Roman bathhouse. This experience allows you to enter and explore Pompeii with an unrivaled freedom of movement. You can walk right up beautifully painted walls and mosaics which are cordoned off in real life. The experience contains a large source of highly entertaining narrative content, allowing one to really understand what living here as a Roman must have been like. In our view this is the closest thing you will ever get to feeling like you are in Pompeii without actually having to fly to Italy and be there yourself.
The Big Table Adventure, Casual, Educational, Space/Universe Sci-fi adventure or educational experience? Why not both? The Big Table is a fast-paced, quirky virtual laboratory where users can interact with an array of advanced machinery and lovable robotic creations. In their quest to restore power to their ship, users will also learn all about the periodic table, sub atomic particles, and elemental properties.
Open Rescue Educational, Movie Open Rescue is groundbreaking six part series, totaling 60 minutes, that follows members of Direct Action Everywhere, an activist organization dedicated to ending violence against animals. Embed with their highly trained teams on risky rescue operations as they enter factory farms under the cover of darkness to conduct non-violent direct actions to rescue injured animals and release them to forever homes in peaceful sanctuaries.
Adam Savage's Tested VR 360 Experience (non-game), Art/Creativity, Educational Inspired by Adam Savage’s Tested One Day Builds, Adam Savage’s Tested VR takes audiences on a journey inside the creative workspaces of incredible makers, bringing their processes to life, from ideation to creation. Featuring an eclectic roster of creators, Adam and the Tested team put viewers inside their workshops for an intimate look at their builds. Adam Savage’s Tested VR features 12 episodes across two seasons, filmed with 180-degree stereoscopic cameras that allow for an immersive look at the creative process like never before. Bonus footage includes Adam's "Cave" workshop tours. Makers include: - Adam Savage, Maker/TV Personality - Rick Lyon, Puppeteer & Puppet Designer - Marc DeVidts, Robot Maker and Battlebots Competitor - Melissa Ng, Gothic Armor Designer - Andrew Freeman, Creature Mask Sculptor - Griffon Ramsey, Chainsaw Wood Sculptor - Alexis Noriega, Costume Wing Designer - Ryan Nagata, Spacesuit Replica Fabricator
CrashCourse | Concussion Education 360 Experience (non-game), Educational, Sports More than 2.5 million young people suffer a concussion in the United States each year. If not treated properly, a concussion may have lasting physical, emotional, and cognitive effects. Concussion education is critical for ensuring athletes can play their sport healthier, for longer. (NEW!) The Brain Fly-Through conceptualizes an otherwise “invisible injury,” as world mountain biking champion, Kate Courtney, takes the viewer on a journey through the human brain. Using dramatic race footage coupled with her own personal concussion experiences, it showcases the brain’s blood vessels, nervous system, and cerebrospinal fluid cavities, emphasizing the complexity and fragility of the brain, as well as the importance of caring for it. CrashCourse Football brings you directly onto the field during a high school football game and features star football players that share the latest medical knowledge on the prevention and treatment of concussions.
Curso De Ingles Educational, Productivity, Utility English course !! This APP has 50 English Lessons, with Audios, Texts and Pronunciation Figure. Everything you need to learn English, includes 3 levels (Basic - Intermediate and Advanced). It also has 5 Virtual Exams to evaluate your progress in the language! Download this Course right now to your device VR! Learn English Free with this Course! Download it Now! ¡¡ Curso de Inglés !! Esta APP tiene 50 Lecciones de Ingles, Con Audios, Textos y Pronunciacion Figurada. Todo lo necesario para Aprender Inglés, incluye 3 niveles ( Basico - Intermedio y Avanzado). Ademas Cuenta con 5 Examenes Virtuales para evaluar tu progreso en el idioma! Descarga este Curso ahora mismo a tu dipositivo VR!
Just Relax: VR Paradise Casual, Educational, Exploration, Simulation Just Relax features a beautiful sandy beach next to the ocean at 3 times of day. Sunny afternoon, dramatic sunset and silvery moonlight all with animated elements and positional audio of birds and the gentle ocean. Simply press the button on the headset to take you from one time of day to the next with no need to navigate menus that take you out of the experience. Please note that this app does not allow you to move around the environment or play your own music from your device.
Astronaut VR Educational, Simulation, Space/Universe Ever dreamed of being an astronaut and visiting the International Space Station (ISS) or the moon? Or even experience a space walk? With Astronaut VR you can prove your astronaut skills by mastering six distinct missions: Astronaut Training, Space Station Interior, Space Station EVA, Food Delivery, Hubble EVA and Moon Village. Enjoy the view back to earth from 400km. We only have this lovely planet. You control your astronaut through gaze direction and slight head rotation. The Gear VR controller or touchpad is used for menu selection and acceleration of your astronaut.
AntarcticOcean Educational, Travel Antarctic Ocean is a wonderful virtual reality experience app. You will explore a vivid underwater world full of life including Diatoms, krill, orcas, squids, Antarctic cod, and even Antarctic cod!
RCSI Medical Training Sim Educational, Simulation, Utility RCSI Medical Training Sim is designed for medical professionals and trainees. Experience and simulate a traumatic scenario following a road traffic accident and make critical decisions for your patient. You have a patient’s life in your hands and time is running out. It’s up to you to save his life. This app includes an alternative fully educational and didactic mode allowing those without medical training to learn from this experience in an immersive environment.
Squawk's Journey VR 360 Experience (non-game), Educational, Exploration Squawk’s Journey is a virtual reality experience that teaches the importance of protecting New Zealand’s native birds from extinction by sponsoring the installation of special traps that help rid the forrests of introduced pests like rats, stoats and possums. It can be accessed in a more interactive form via the app and viewed in google cardboard or a VR headset. It was launched as part of NZ conservation week 2018. Geared up for school years 1-13. A fun-filled, engaging week for your Rangers to help make New Zealand Predator Free by 2050.
Discovr Egypt: King Tut's Tomb Adventure, Casual, Educational, Exploration Explore the Ancient Egyptian ruins to see what they might have to say about the life and culture of early civilizations. 1323 BC: a time when Egypt is a recognized world power. It's young leader, King Tutankhamun has passed away and buried in what would become one of the greatest icons of Ancient Egypt. The tomb is littered with treasures and artifacts symbolic of Ancient Egyptian culture. Centuries later the tomb is uncovered by British archaeologist Howard Carter, and now you too can explore the tomb. Look around and learn about its contents Discovry Mode, or take all the treasure before time runs out in Treasure Hunt.