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Be sure to explore the volumes in the series, Crusade Texts in Translation; this new series translates many primary sources into English for the first time!

Additional Resources

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Additional Resources

Times London

The Times (London) is a valuable primary source for research. EKU Libraries has the London Times from 1788.

Finding research in newspapers without knowing the specific date can be a time consuming process. If an index is available it will save you a lot of time. We offer a number of indexes to the London Times microfilm:

The Times (London) and its indexes are all available in physical format only on the 3rd floor of the library in the Government Documents area. If you need assistance with using the indexes or microfilm, please stop by the Library Help Desk in the Main Lobby of the library.

Site Searching

Site searching allows you to look for specific information within a website, or several websites.  To do this, go to Google and enter your keywords, followed by site: and then the website address.  

We recommend archive.org and hathitrust.org for primary source searching. 

Ex.  Cold War site: archive.org