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Open Access Publishing

Guidance in open access scholarly publishing for researchers in all disciplines.

Open Access Journals

There are many discipline-specific as well as multi-disciplinary open access journals. Choose journals for publication carefully; see Vetting OA Journals for more information or contact your library liaison for help.

Open Access Repositories

Depositing your work in an open access repository is another way to share your research.  Be careful to comply with copyright and licensing restrictions when uploading your published work (see Know your Copyrights). Repositories may be institutional, like EKU's Encompass, or discipline-specific.

Where to Deposit Data for Open Access

Data sharing is increasingly important in research and now often mandated by funding agencies. There are many discipline-specific data repositories, many of which are open access. Here are some resources for finding open access repositories in which to deposit your datasets:

  • Encompass: deposit your pre-prints; you can also attach your original data files. Ask us if you need help with this or have questions.
  • re3data promotes a culture of sharing, increased access and better visibility of research data its global registry of research data repositories.
  • Dryad is a data-sharing initiative that partners with publishers to host research data underlying scientific and medical publications.

New Forms of Scholarly Publishing

Increasingly, researchers are sharing their work in non-traditional ways online. Here is a list of some online venues for new forms of scholarly communication.