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Research Resources for FOR 301: Week 1

Library guidance for FOR 301: Introduction to Forensic Science.

Assignment for Week 1

1. Locate a journal that publishes work on forensic science. Discuss the focus of the journal (i.e., general issues, analytical, specific discipline...).

2. Locate the National Academy of Sciences Report Strengthening Forensic Science: A Path Forward. Choose one of the recommendations and discuss the implications. Do you feel the recommendation is possible to implement - has it already been instituted?

Tips for completing task 1 of this week's assignment

1. Click on the Articles tab of this guide and choose a journal from the list in the middle of the page. These are a few of the peer-reviewed forensics-related journals that EKU Libraries subscribes to.

2. After clicking on the journal title see if you can find an About link for more information about the focus and scope of topics covered in the journal. You should also be able to see the most recently published issue and browse past issues if you'd like to explore some more.


Tips for completing task 2 of this week's assignment

1. Click on the Books & Reports tab of this guide.

2. Click on the title of the report:

3. Scroll down to view the clickable Table of Contents. You can find a list of Recommendations in the Summary.