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Research Resources for FOR 301: Week 6

Library guidance for FOR 301: Introduction to Forensic Science.

Assignment for Week 6

1. Choose an article that discusses the therapeutic and toxic effects of a drug of your choice. What is the drug used for and in what schedule is it placed?

Week 6 Sample Search

Week 6 Sample Article

PubChem Compounds Database

You can also find information on drugs in the PubChem Compound database, including structure (2D and 3D views), pharmacology, therapeutic uses, and much more.

1. Go to the PubChem Compound database.

2. Search for a drug by name, find it in the results list, and click on the title:

3. This will open the Compound Summary page for the drug:

4. Scroll down to see the table of contents which contains sections on Drug and Medication Information (Therapeutic Uses), Toxicity, and more (the Safety and Hazards section contains regulatory information such as what schedule the drug is placed in):