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A guide to using the collections, resources, and services of the Learning Resources Center.

Education Databases

Get Hands On

1) Select a content area and grade level you are interested in; pick a sample lesson idea.  Use NoveList Plus to find three books that would work for your lesson.  Now use the Library Search to see if the LRC holds these books. 

2) Think of your favorite children's or young adult book.  Use NoveList Plus to find two read-alikes for this book. 

3) Browse the subject headings in the Picture Book Database.  Choose one and perform a sample search.  Select a book and look at the information provided.  What does the entry tell you?  What else, if anything, do you need to know before deciding to use the book for a lesson?  

Using the resources in NoveList Plus (summary, grade and age levels) complete the following tasks for EACH of the three books you found during the "Finding Materials" portion of the tutorial; enter the information onto your worksheet.

1) Note the reading level, grade level, and two suggested read-alikes you can explore for your lesson on your worksheet. 

2) In your own words, write a short (1-2 sentence) summary of the book.  

3) Write a lesson objective that clearly shows how you will use the book to integrate music into the content area.  Ex.: Students will respond to the book "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" by performing a steady beat using body percussion to the text.  (Don't use the example objective or book!)