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A guide to using the collections, resources, and services of the Learning Resources Center.

Finding Materials

*Be sure to visit the "Basic Search" tab for a tutorial on how to search for materials in the LRC first!!*

In the previous tutorial we covered how to find materials in the LRC.  Now, let’s look at strategies for finding materials that you can use to help integrate music into your lessons.  

Think about the different content areas, and ways that you can incorporate music into the content.  Consider:

  • What will your lesson be about?
  • How will you use music in the lesson?
  • What keywords are generated from your lesson plan? 

Consider the content areas and related concepts. How can you connect them to music? 

  • Math - consider counting, patterns, and the natural rhythms that occur in math 
  • Science - how does sound travel?  Think about studying animals too! 
  • Social Studies - music is a big part of history and culture!  How can your students respond to current or historical events using music? 

The lesson possibilities are endless!

The call number can tell you a lot about the item; keep these in mind as you search! 

  • YE - picture books 
  • YF - chapter books 
  • YEC - early childhood 
  • Y# - nonfiction 
  • Y398.2 - fables and fairy tales 
  • Y780s - music 
  • Y811 - poetry 

Get Hands On

Choose three of the subject areas below.  Brainstorm some search terms you could use to help find books that can be used to integrate music into the content areas; note your ideas on your worksheet.  Find one book for each of the three areas that you could use in a lesson to help you integrate music into the content area.  Note the subject area, book title, and book author on your worksheet.  (Find directions for completing the activity on the "Education Databases" page.)

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Health and PE
  • Visual Arts 
  • World Languages