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Special Collections & Archives: Donations

Types of Funds

Charles C. Hay, III and Dr. Melba Porter Hay Special Collections & Archives Fund

Both Mr. and Dr. Hay have dedicated their careers to preservation and research. Charles C. Hay, III served as Eastern’s first archivist beginning in April 1976, while Dr. Hay served as Division Director for the Kentucky Historical Society. In an effort to share their love of historical resources and continue to support the mission of Special Collections & Archives, the Hays created their own endowment. The fund encompasses multiple needs including acquiring new archival items and collections; purchasing equipment; funding archival workshops for the public; and hiring temporary project archivists, student interns, and consultants. 


Dr. Thomas Howard Appleton Jr. Fund

Dr. Thomas H. Appleton, Jr. is a renowned historian of American history, particularly Kentucky history. Over decades, he collected pieces related to Kentucky history such as photographs, campaign materials, letters, and more, eventually creating the Thomas H. Appleton Jr. Collection. By donating to this endowed fund, you’ll help expand the collection for researchers of all types to explore local and Kentucky topics. 


Special Collections & Archives Foundation Account/General Fund

This general fund is a multi-faceted spendable account, dedicated to specific special project needs with Special Collections & Archives. Donations have helped fund projects such as the digitization of the Eastern Progress and EKU football films.

How Gifts Help

Gifts have helped fund the re-housing and digitization of photographs with Vinegar Syndrome for needed preservation, the installation of compact shelving to increase storage capacity, and the processing of manuscript collections for increased accessibility.