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Library Express is a delivery service that allows you to request materials whether they are held by EKU or not.

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LRC Call Number Key

Youth Collection:

  • YF = Fiction (chapter books)
  • YE = Fiction (picture books) 
  • YEC = Early Childhood books (board books, etc.)
  • Y# = Nonfiction (ex. Y 322)


Professional Collection:

  • Edu. = Education
  • Lib.S. = Library Science
  • E. Chi. Ed. = Early Childhood Education
  • Hea. = Health
  • Ele. L.A. = Elementary Language Arts
  • Sec. L.A. = Secondary Language Arts
  • Ele. S.S. = Elementary Social Studies
  • Sec. S.S. = Secondary Social Studies
  • Math = Math
  • Sci. = Science
  • Env. Ed. = Environmental Education
  • Fam. Cons. Sci.  = Family & Consumer Science
  • Arts = Art, Music, and Theater
  • For. L.A. = Foreign Language
  • Phys. Ed. = Physical Education

Basic Searching for Children's and Young Adult Books in the LRC

STEP 1:  For general searches where you don't have a title in mind, start at the library search at library.eku.edu.  Try using no more than two or three keywords.  


Pro tip:  Group phrases using quotation marks to find those words together in your search (ex:  "life cycles"). This works in Google too!


Library home page



STEP 2:  Limit to Learning Resources Center.



STEP 3: Is it a book?  Do we have it?  

1. Here is an example of a print book that EKU Libraries does NOT have. If you would like to get this book, you can request it through Library Express.


save image


2. Here is an example of a print book that EKU Libraries DOES have and which is available for checkout:

save image


STEP 4: Need it delivered to an extended campus or held for pickup at the main library? 

Use our Library Express service.

Library Express option


STEP 4: What kind of book is it (fiction chapter book? fiction picture book? nonfiction book?)? 

Use the call number key on the Education LibGuide to determine what kind of item you are looking at.

To search for a particular type of item (fiction, nonfiction, etc.), use the Advanced Search link to search your topic AND fiction or NOT fiction:

Discovery advanced searchDiscovery adv search


Search LRC Locations

Book Resources



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