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Library Research Award for Undergraduates

Application Checklist

Application Checklist

The following portions of the application must be completed in full by the due date. Late or incomplete applications or nomination letters will not be considered for the award. All applications are considered the property of the Library and will not be returned.



Date submitted

Description and Explanation of the Research Process

· 800—1000 word paper on the research process

· See Guidelines for Students tab




Complete Bibliography

· See Guidelines for Students tab




Final version of Research Project

· Revising and improving a previously submitted and graded

research project is allowed and, in fact, encouraged.





Supporting Letter

· Instructor must compose and send a letter of nomination for

the student and his/her paper or project through Slate, see the Info for Faculty 


· The nominating faculty member must have been the instructor

of record in the course for which the research project was

completed.  (Exception: HON 420, in which case your mentor should write the supporting letter.)