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LRC Student Employee Training and Resource Guide

This guide contains training information for student employees of the Learning Resources Center.

Welcome to the LRC

Welcome to the Learning Resources Center (LRC)!!! As a student employee, you are an invaluable team member in our quest to provide excellent service to College of Education students and the larger EKU community.  This guide is here to help you become familiar with the LRC and your role and duties as a student employee.  We hope your time with us if enjoyable, and that you develop valuable skills that you can take with you into your future career.

LRC monkey puppet

General Info

The Learning Resources Center (LRC) serves primarily students enrolled in the College of Education, but all of the EKU community are welcome to visit and utilize our collection and services.  The goal of the Learning Resources Center is to model a K-12 school library, so that education students can be exposed to the literature and resources that will be available to them as teachers.  To serve this goal the LRC collects highly rated and content relevant literature ranging from early childhood through young adult.  In addition, the LRC collects hands-on materials that can be used in the classroom as well as housing a small collection of K-12 textbooks.    

What you need to have open while at the LRC Desk:

Student employees in the LRC are the "face" of the Learning Resources Center, and provide an invaluable service to our patrons.  Duties LRC students will find themselves performing include:

  • Excellent customer service to patrons 
    • Assist in selecting and locating materials 
    • Assist in finding resources for assignments and classroom experiences 
    • Provide some technical assistance as needed 
    • Answer directional questions - i.e. "where is room 319?" 
  • Shelving LRC  materials
  • Shelf reading
  • Monitor the LRC space to ensure a positive user experience
  • Other duties to include:
    • Creating bulletin boards and book displays
    • Assisting with cleaning materials and shelves 
    • Assisting with gathering of statistics and collection maintenance 
  • Wear your library t-shirt to every shift 
  • Cell phone silenced and put away (including linked smart watches and other devices)
  • No visitors at the desk
  • Complete all work tasks before working on homework, reading, etc.  
  • When a patron comes near the desk, stop whatever you are doing, look up, and greet the patron (even if they don't stop)
    • When helping a patron, all other activities cease and give the patron your full attention 
  • Always be learning new things about your job and the library
  • Be on time to every shift 
  • Read and respond to all communications (email, text, etc.)
  • If you want to work on a project or have a great idea for the LRC, let us know!
  • Communicate any issues or problems - never be afraid to ask for help