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Special Collections & Archives: Archives Instruction Program

Instruction Request Form

Please submit this form at least two (2) weeks in advance of your preferred date for class instruction or records management training. Complete a separate form for each instruction session.


Remote Instruction Options

If your class is online or asynchronous, consider remote archives instruction. Remote instruction options include the following: Live Online Session, Pre-Recorded Online Session, and Embedded Archivist in Blackboard.


For a Live Online Session, we will do our best to replicate an in-person class visit, but as you know there will be some differences. Instead of a physical tour, an introduction to Special Collections & Archives may involve Powerpoint and photographs. Instead of working with physical materials, active learning sessions may be built around a small selection of digital materials or a single digital collection. We may even need to completely change our approach to your class so that we can still meet your learning objectives.


It may make more sense, for example, to switch to the Embedded Archivist in Blackboard option. Embedded archivists can monitor the Ask Your Librarian Discussion Board and/or create archives training modules. The training modules can be supplemented with brief assignments that have students emulate what they learned and reflect on their process. Here is a link to a sample search and reflection assignment that has been used by the Library.