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Colonel Oasis

The EKU IT Geek Colonel Oasis is a space where students can take a break from studying, exams, or just life in general. The space provides stress-relief activities and materials--massage chair, yoga mats, puzzles, color sheets, and origami materials.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Photo by Fabian Møller on Unsplash

According to the Mayo Clinic, "mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on being intensely aware of what you're sensing and feeling in the moment, without interpretation or judgment."  Mindfulness helps relieve anxiety and stress and pain and depression and even insomnia and high blood pressure (hypertension). 

How can you practice mindfulness?

  • Slow down and pay attention to life.  This can be done by getting in touch with your senses (taste, smell, sound, touch, and sight) and how they can calm and relax you.  
  • Find simple pleasures in the moment.  Try to not stress about yesterday (history) or tomorrow (mystery).
  • Look in a mirror and really take a look.  Do you accept the person you see as you would someone you love (e.g., friend, parent)?  Do you treat them the same?
  • Breath.  Taking 3-5 mins to just close your eyes and breath deeply/slowly is an amazing way to relax and be mindful.
  • Medidate.  You can meditate by sitting, lying, or walking. Meditating is about focus.  Focus your attention on your senses and sensations, emotions, and thoughts.  Combine that with breathing deeply. 
  • If your mind wonders and tries to stress or worry you, take a few seconds to come back to where you were.  Don't judge yourself just come back to the mindfulness. 
  • Set a time limit.  If it's your first time meditating or stretching or doing yoga, don't shoot for 30 mins.  Try it for 5-10 mins at the start to get used to it.



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