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Research Guide Designed to Supplement SWK 810


Welcome to the EKU Libraries Social Work 810 Subject Guide!  You will find information specific to your work in this class on this page, suggestions for research best practices and advice on how to cite your sources in APA format.  For more general information regarding research in Social Work, please check out the main Social Work research guide.  I am Brad Marcum, your library liaison, so please feel free to contact me at brad.marcum@eku.edu if you need any assistance or have questions. 


The Assignment

Life development project

This project is being broken up into several mini-projects that in the end of the semester, will be uploaded in its entirety edited to reflect the feedback given throughout the semester. HINT: The older the person, the easier the project.

  1. Select a person you know, but not a fellow student in the Social Work program or someone who would not feel comfortable sharing personal details with you and is available to you for the entire 8-weeks of the course. Ask them for their date of birth, complete columns 1-3 of the life chart for the person you are examining. Let them fill out the third column, and they can be very useful in filling in additional information in column 3. and provide any insight into if column 3 impacted their development. Due: Week 2
  2. Choose a particular life cycle stage. From our class discussions and your readings, what might developmental theories (Erikson, Mahler, Piaget, etc. – choose one) say about this life cycle stage? Include a summary of the theory.
    1. What are its main suppositions? 
    2. How does this theory help us understand human behavior in the social environment and to assess individual strengths and needs?
    3. What are it strengths and limitations?  Due: Week 3
  3. Using the video lecture, PowerPoint, and article from Module 3, create an Ecomap with the person you selected for assignment 1. This is part three of the Life Development Project. Due: Week 4
  4. Discuss the key issues (biological, psychological, social, economic, cultural, religious/spiritual) affecting people in general at this time span of their life.  (This is where you need to discuss what you have read. Be sure that your reading includes both theory and research.) Briefly discuss the life of the person you are examining.  Remember to change identifying characteristics to maintain confidentiality Specifically, state in the paper the name and identifying information has been changed to protect the client’s confidentiality. Indicate and discuss what this life cycle stage was like for the person you are studying (this is where you need to apply what you have read). Edit early pieces of this project, submitting them all in one document Due: Week 8

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