SWK 810

Noel Studio - How They Can Help

The Noel Studio integrates support for writing, speaking, research, and multimodal communication. We help EKU students develop effective communication skills by promoting critical and creative thinking through peer-to-peer meetings called consultations.  During a consultation, you will work with a Noel Studio consultant who is trained to provide objective, productive feedback on a variety of communication products, including presentations, essays, research posters, visual aids, and more.

Depending on your needs, consultation goals might include:

  • Choosing a topic and organizing thoughts and ideas.
  • Researching, drafting, and revising.
  • Improving grammar, punctuation, and clarity.
  • Drafting an effective thesis statement and developing persuasive appeals.
  • Arranging effective collaboration and group dynamics in presentations.
  • Citing sources properly according to MLA, APA, or CMS.
  • Developing effective speech communication practices.
  • Asking questions and thinking critically and creatively about a topic or writing/communication assignment.
  • Understanding media options and uses.

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