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HON 308W/312W/320W Learning in Place: Research Guide

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Books and other published materials can be primary or secondary sources, depending on the topic. Typically, published materials (books, magazine and journal articles, and newspaper articles) are considered primary if they are written at the time about a particular event.

  • Sometimes, published primary sources are accounts by participants; but in most cases, they are written by journalists or other observers.
  • Please note that there is a difference between material written at the time of an event as a kind of report (a primary source) and material written much later as historical analysis (a secondary source).
  • Published materials can also contain reprinted primary sources, such as speeches, letters, or government documents.
  • When looking at secondary sources, see what sources they are citing. Citation tracing or tracking may be a great way to find primary sources on a particular topic.

EKU History: Example Publications

These are some of the published materials covering the history of EKU and the Model Laboratory Schools.

Kentucky Education: Searching for Publications

To get started with finding sources on education and Kentucky, check out the results under the following two searches:

  1. Library search for: education kentucky
    • Search bar is at Results as of September 20, 2021: 536,038
  2. Special Collections search for: education kentucky
    • Search bar is at under the "Special Collections" tab. Only shows items that are located in EKU Special Collections & Archives. Results as of September 20, 2021: 347

To narrow down the search, try adding terms, such as autobiographies, biographies, diaries, history, finance, public, rural, higher, appalachia, adult, women, african american, or special. Or try adding Limiters, such as Publication Date, Formats, and Library Location. The Government Documents location, for example, is a great source of primary materials.

Kentucky Education: Example Publications

The titles below are examples of published primary and secondary sources related to education and Kentucky. Some of the more recent titles are available as eBooks.

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