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Student Employee Portal

Opening and Closing Procedures

  • Get the staff laptop from the laptop cart, and log on. Log in to WMS.
  • Check paper supply for cloud printer and staff printer.
  • Check library to make sure spaces and rooms are in order. Make sure the classroom is locked if there are no immediate reservations.
  • The keys to each room, as well as the key to the laptop cabinet, are in the drawer closest to the help desk computer. They should always be returned there immediately after use.


  • Since the Business Library has no PA system, please walk around the space 15 minutes before closing to let patrons know that they need to start wrapping up.
  • Pick up any trash around the library. If you find anything that looks like something someone accidentally left behind, please put a note on it and place it in the lost and found. The note should have your initials, as well as the date found.
  • Check paper supply for cloud printer and staff printer.
  • If any laptops have not been turned in by closing, please leave a note for staff. 
  • Open the doors and blinds in the 3 study rooms.
  • Make sure the projector is off in the classroom (276), and that the door is closed and locked.
  • Shut down the staff laptop and return it to the cart. Make sure to lock the cart after.
  • Turn off lights. One switch is by the bulletin board, and the other on the wall between the break room and the entrance.
  • Close the front doors behind you. They will lock automatically, but make sure they completely close.

Business Library Procedures

  • When checking out a magazine/journal to a patron, use the appropriate barcode found on the cards in the skinny desk drawer. Each card is labeled with the Title and has a barcode underneath. Since these barcodes are not specific to any one issue, you'll have to enter the volume and issue number in the notes field when you check the item out. If the patron is checking out multiple issues of the same title, you'll still only scan the barcode ONCE. Then you'll enter the volumes and issue numbers just as stated above.
  • When the patron returns a magazine/journal, scan the appropriate barcode again just as you would a book, but make sure you go in and erase the note indicating the volume/issue that had been checked out.