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Student Employee Portal

Job Expectations

  • Wear your library t-shirt, lanyard, and name badge to every shift 
  • Cell phone silenced and put away, unless asked to have with you out on library floor to contact via Teams. 
  • No visitors at the desk
  • Complete all work tasks before working on homework, reading, etc. 
  • When a patron comes near the desk, stop whatever you are doing, look up, and greet the patron (even if they don't stop)
    • When helping a patron, all other activities cease and give the patron your full attention 
  • Always be learning new things about your job and the library
  • Be on time to every shift and keep absences to a minimum 
  • 3 unexcused absences/ call ins can result in dismissal
  • Read and respond to all communications (email, text, etc.)
  • Communicate any issues or problems - never be afraid to ask for help 


Evaluations will be given no less than once per academic year.  You will be evaluated on the following metrics: 

Communication Skills: Communicates effectively on the phone and in person

Initiative/Quality of Work: Demonstrates a willingness to assume additional responsibilities; ability to perform satisfactory work following established guidelines and procedures

Dependability: Punctual, timely notification of absences, flexible

Judgment: Ability of make sound decisions

Attitude/Cooperation: Enthusiastic, demonstrates an willingness to work, ability to work harmoniously with others

Job Knowledge: Familiarity with job policies and procedures