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Student Employee Scholarship

During his years of working with the Library’s student assistants, Dick Mayo Allen gave evidence of much patience and love in supervising and guiding student employees.  However, there were always a few student assistants he held in especial esteem because of unique qualities in their personalities and because they displayed a deep interest in their library duties. 

A Scholarship was established to honor Allen by identifying and recognizing student assistants who have displayed characteristics of great dependability, professionalism, and outstanding work performance.  Each year students that have distinguished themselves are nominated for this award by Library faculty and staff.  To contribute to this fund and continue celebrating excellent library student employees, simply make a gift and designate it to Library Student Employee Scholarship.

Dick Mayo Allen Scholarship Recipients:
Jenna Price (2018)
Tyler Busby (2018)
Victoria Rousey (2017)
Erica Leach (2016)
Gabrielle Cook and Brandon Isaacs (2015)
Tyler Rousey (2014)
Jacob Davis (2013)
Alex Murphy (2012)
Tiffany Helisek (2011)
Bernice McCoy (2010)
Alyse King (2008)
Christopher L. Turley (2006)
Christine Louisa Cornell (2004)
Lara R. Mosenthin (1999)
Lois Jean Fields (1998)
Tracy Lynn Keith (1997)
Julie Ann Keeling (1996)
Sarah Elizabeth Stacy (1994)
Brenda Gail Davidson (1993)
Robin Woodard (1992)
Catherine Jean Mason (1991)
Jane Abell (1990)
James McGraw (1989)
Gretchen Bush (1998)
Diane Combs (1987)
Pamela Smith (1986)
Laura Ann Perrero (1985)
Gwendolyn Green (1984)