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Erica Leach (2016)

2016 Dick Mayo Allen Award Presented

Erica Leach and Brandon Isaacs

An exemplary Library student employee, Erica Leach's love of people contributed to her earning the Dick Mayo Allen Scholarship in 2016.  Building on her fascination with people and cultures, she is visiting Japan this spring and summer to "feel the experience of being a minority in another culture."  She believes this adventure will allow her to put her Social Psychology degree into action by "going out and living it."  Driven by an inquisitive nature, she wonders, "with the same biology, we're so different across the world; what is it that brings these new views?"  Erica hopes to return with a greater desire to experience more places and people in the world, and with an opportunity to inspire other students to travel and to "put adventure in others' hearts."  She will be returning to EKU in the fall to begin a Master's Degree in Psychology.

The Dick Mayo Allen Scholarship is presented annually to an outstanding EKU Libraries' student employee. 

From Between the Columns, spring 2017 edition.